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What happened to the last ever Kodachrome film?

Back in June 2009 it was announced that Kodak would be discontinuing the much-loved Kodachrome film. After 74 years of giving us those glorious bright colours, Kodak retired Kodachrome because it was too difficult to produce, and only one lab still processes the film.

However, the film wasn't going to leave your lenses without a bang. Legendary photographer Steve McCurry took on the challenge to shoot the final 36 photos on the last ever Kodachrome film. Choosing to take the camera on a trip to India, the resulting shots are nothing short of beautiful.

Robert DeNiro featured in the final Kodachrome gallery

Robert DeNiro featured in the final Kodachrome gallery

The photos were shot, processed and developed back in 2010 and you can see all 36 in Steve's gallery on his website. They feature an array of thought-provoking portraits that include celebrities as well as civilians. It's safe to say that the colours speak for themselves.

The colours are stunning throughout the final photos

The colours are stunning throughout the final photos

The short 30-minute documentary has finally been uploaded, with many praising the photographer for his wise choices concerning the final 36 photographs. In an age where digital reigns supreme, it's truly refreshing to see such beauty on film.

Watch this! The final Kodachrome film:

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