Adobe launches new streaming version of Photoshop

The new version of Photoshop will run on Chromebooks

Adobe has launched the first streaming-only version of its flagship software, Photoshop CC – and some of you may be a little confused by that. Because many people assume that's exactly what the Adobe Creative Cloud is.

So let's clear that up first. Despite the name, the Creative Cloud subscription service – which allows access to the latest versions of Adobe software, including Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, After Effects CC and Dreamweaver CC – is not a streaming service.

You do need an internet connection to download the software initially; to install updates; and to share your design work across different devices. But the software itself lives on your hard drive, which means you need a fairly powerful desktop computer to run it. And while there are CC mobile apps that let you make basic edits to your files on smartphones, tablets and low-powered laptops, there's no way of running the full software while you're on the move.

It's pretty much the same version as you get on the desktop, with a few small differences

Well, until now that is. Adobe has launched a special beta called Photoshop Streaming that will allow users to access Photoshop on the move via streaming.

It's the pretty much the same version of Photoshop you’d typically download and install from Creative Cloud, but running in a virtualized environment so can be accessed from any Chrome browser or Chromebook.

Little differences

There are a few things that the streaming version can't provide yet, including printing, and processes that require a GPU such as 3D functions.

On the plus side, though, Photoshop Streaming works directly with files in Google Drive, so there's no need to download and re-upload files; you can just edit them directly in the cloud.

Right now, it's just available to North American Adobe education customers

Initially, Photoshop Streaming will be available exclusively to select North America-based Adobe education customers with a paid Creative Cloud membership.

If that's you, you can find full details of the program here. Everybody else, stay tuned to Creative Bloq and we'll let you know as soon as Adobe opens it up further.