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Pick of the Week

As a 3D artist I am always keeping my eyes peeled for new artists, studios, or teams that provide that instant wow factor. I love nothing more than seeing an animation that makes me question how it was made and then spend some time figuring out possible techniques. It doesn’t matter if I don’t end up using the same tools or techniques as them. I still grow as an artist, which is something we should all strive for.

This particular piece had me wondering how things were done in just about every scene. There is an immense amount of work here. The storyboarding alone must have been quite a task. The plot may be a little contrived and obvious but the CG is top notch in a slightly stylised, rather than photoreal way. I can’t say much more except that it’s great and I will be spending some time picking over it to see what I can learn.

Have a good week


About the author

Long-time 3D artist Rob Redman has been working in the field of VFX and motion graphics for over a decade. He is Technical Editor on 3D World magazine.