13 presentation folder designs to inspire you

Designing a presentation folder that stands out but still looks business-like is a real creative challenge. You need something that's functional and doesn’t distract from the actual presentation, but also attention-catching enough that it will be remembered. To inspire your own creations, here are some inspiring presentation folder designs that have caught our eye recently...

01. Ivy Hotel

Presentation folders

This design for Ivy Hotel is smart and elegant

Los Angeles-based CRU Agency created a design for San Diego's Ivy hotel that looks deceptively plain and simple, but is actually quite smart and very elegant. You can tell just looking at the ornate logo that this hotel is very high-end.

02. Lewis & Arnold

Presentation folders

A high-impact, glossy design for Lewis & Arnold

Showcase Creative created this eye-popping design for Lewis & Arnold that makes great use of the Spot UV technique, which causes the company’s name, logo, and 'blueprint' to have a high-impact, glossy sheen that jumps out and grabs you.

03. Serpentine Cut Corporate Folder

Presentation folders

A riot of colour in this presentation folder for Serpentine Cut

Created for visual communications agency Riot Creative Imaging by CF Folder Designers, this sleek design is bold but deceptively simple on the outside, and a riot (no pun intended) of colour on the inside.

04. Baneron Corporate Design

Presentation folders

This presentation folder design is all about the logo

How important is a good, bold logo? It absolutely makes this folder, and Tobias Bechtle’s decision to go with a clean, empty background allows it to stand out that much more.

05. Realty Austin

Presentation folders

You can't miss the call to action here. Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/realtyaustin/5329801637/

If you’ve never been to Austin, TX, it's a vibrant, creative, colorful city. So it may seem strange that the bulk of the interior of Realty Austin’s folder is just white space, but I think it’s brilliant. It really makes you take notice of the one huge call to action in the centre - "make the move", and the rainbow-colored border on the top hints at all Austin has to offer.

06. London4yoo Folder

Presentation folders

A light, etheral illustration brings this presentation folder to life

Tasked with making a folder for a company that's about seeing all different corners of London on the web, GraphicTank offers just that: London. The city spreads out before you on the page in a light, ethereal manner that just begs you to look deeper.

07. Accrete Presentation Folder

Presentation folders

A presentation folder design that grabs attention instantly

Something about this design from Discovery Design for training provider Accrete just pops. Maybe it's the soothing shades of blue. Or the sharp lines and corners. Whatever it is, it makes you sit up and take notice.

08. Cidma Group Corporate Folder

Presentation folders

An innovative design from Gill Cad

Gill Cad clearly likes to challenge our expectations of shape. This design for home and building consultantcy The Cidma Group surpasses the one above in terms of how far it's willing to stray from the norm, and this very inventiveness makes it a winner.

09. Zarqa Projects Folder

Presentation folders

We love the colour choices for this presentation folder

Designer Aljonaidy keeps the design relatively simple here, but what he does incredibly well is to pick the right colours and focus on QIT company Zarqa's logo, even going so far as to make the 'Z' a part of the overall look of the folder.

10. Hartland Builders Presentation Folder

Presentation folders

The logo is the focus of this presentation folder

Though relatively simple, this design gets so many things right. It makes the fantastic logo the focus, really selling the sunny, happy community this company can create. That great in and of itself, but when coupled with the dark wood finish on the bottom half of the cover, it creates a sense of strength and permanence.

11. Laptop folder

Presentation folders

This brilliant idea shows that presentation folders need not be dull

Now this is how you create a presentation folder that stands out. Msalah's design looks so much like a real laptop computer that you might even be tempted to open it up and start hitting keys. And the functionality fits the design, too, with a 'disk drive' that holds a real CD or DVD.

12. Tensports folder

Presentation folders

A vibrant design for a sports TV channel

With a design that looks like a random tagger left his mark, this folder by Workstation for sports channel Tensports has a real vibrancy.

13. University of Arts Presentation Folder

Presentation folders

This doodle-style folder is very different, but works a treat

This design may be, as creator Horhew says, just a "homework assignment", but the decision to use a "doodling" style gives it a cool, artsy vibe that really works.

Words: Darryl Tott

Darryl Tott is a blogger for Showcase Creative, a presentation media printer that provides high quality short-run presentation folders and printed ring binders based in Camberley, UK.

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Have you seen an inspiring example of a presentation folder design? Let us know in the comments below!

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