Celebrity site gets the big picture on mobile

The intricate layout adapts well to different screen sizes

Words: Paul Lloyd

The Cut is a website from New York magazine focusing on fashion, beauty, politics, sex, and celebrity. Faced with packing in a wealth of content, the in-house design team behind it could easily have opted for a fixed-width layout.

Yet while this large site comes with a large download size - mainly because of the high number of images and advertising assets - it’s still worthy of closer inspection. The intricate layout adapts surprisingly well to fit different screen dimensions, and consideration has been made for smaller, lower-bandwidth devices, too.

It's tricky to get a busy site with big images to work on mobile - but this one pulls it off

For example, the Miller Headline font gives The Cut much of its character, but not enough for its absence on smaller screens to be noticeable - Georgia proves a suitable alternative.

Sidebar content that appears at greater widths is also missing on smaller screens, which makes us wonder whether it’s needed at all.

Homepage requests/size: 147/3.0 MB mobile, 179/4.18 MB desktop

This showcase was originally published in .net magazine issue 235.

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