Momentum: a device-agnostic agency website

Words: Paul Lloyd

Momentum is a small studio of designers, developers, video experts and photographers based in Colchester. Its site has an incredibly focused message and design, but we also appreciate the obvious attention paid to delivering a performant experience.

Thinking in mobile terms was key to establishing hierarchy

Creative director Olivier Bon told us he'd wanted a device-agnostic site that retained its coherence. "I'd seen too many sites where people had only converted pixels to percentages and called it responsive," he notes. "I didn't want our site to squeeze itself to fit a screen; I wanted it to make sense."

Attention to detail is obvious and appreciated by end-users

Bon discovered that thinking in terms of a mobile website is a good way to establish hierarchy. "I'd spent a long time trying to make navigation work in a narrow window, but couldn't solve the issue," he continues.

"As soon as I experienced the site on my phone, it was obvious. The navigation had to be at the bottom of the website on mobile devices."

Homepage requests/size: 20/182kB mobile, 24/382kB desktop

This showcase was originally published in .net magazine issue 233.

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