Cat's amazing - responsive web design in action!

The cat stretches to the width of the browser window

Japanese web designer and interactive director Masayuki Kido, aka Roxik, has been delighting the design community for years with his playful and inventive websites and web experiments - and this is the best one yet!

Roxik's responsive cat is just what it sounds like: an animated kitty that stretches across the length of the browser window, and resizes accordingly as you reduce the window's width.

Alter the window size and the animated cat squashes up to fit

Make it narrow enough and the creature turns from 'cat' to 'fat', with hilarious consequences. And the fun doesn't end there - but we don't want to spoilt it, so go have a play now!

Roxik's responsive cat is a great way to demonstrate the basic principles of responsive web design, and you can even change the view to see the geometry that's going on underneath the drawing.

Click 'Change view' and you can see the underlying geometry

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