Supereight Studio's typographically bold website

Photographic backdrops and chunky fonts to the fore at Supereight Studio's site

Supereight Studio is a small and friendly British design studio run by Matt Hamm and Peter Orme.

Its new site, which builds on a logo created by Brent Couchman, features bold type and large photographic backdrops (which unfortunately contribute to the rather large page size). Each section name is set in the brilliantly chunky Stratum typeface, with the remaining copy dutifully offset by the more rounded Proxima Nova.

Small and friendly mobile website for a small and friendly design studio!

We ask Supereight creative director Matt Hamm about how the studio approaches the design of a responsive site. "We've learnt that it’s totally unrealistic to make Photoshop visuals for every single breakpoint in the design," is his response.

"It's better to have a strong idea of the direction you want to go in and then just design the break points in the CSS as you build. It's all about tweaking until it feels right."

Homepage requests/size: 36/1.95 MB mobile, 36/1.95 MB desktop

Words: Paul Lloyd. This showcase was originally published in .net magazine issue 234.

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