Postcards from Wichita: a responsive joy

The campaign is asking people to upload photos of themselves with the new postcards

From Wichita With Love is the brainchild of a group of friends who want to create interest in their home city of Wichita, Kansas as a cultural and commercial destination by creating and distributing cool and modern designer postcards.

They're asking people to take pictures with the postcards and upload them on the project’s responsive website, and people have eagerly taken up the challenge.

The site was designed by Jonathan Wood, features stylish custom artwork by Roger Strunk and was developed by Rich Bachman, who also devised the responsiveness. "Jonathan and I worked closely together during the development of the site," Bachman explains, "and I ran responsive layouts by Jonathan as the build progressed."

The website maintains its strong visual identity on mobile platforms

The strong visual design is maintained as the layout adapts to narrower screens. The site is a little on the large side - but unfortunately it’s difficult to optimise images pulled in from third-party services such as Instagram and Facebook.

Homepage requests/size: 114/1.45MB mobile, 116/1.42MB desktop

Words: Paul Lloyd. This showcase was originally published in .net magazine issue 233.

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