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3 top tools to create a responsive website

02. MotoCMS 3.0

MotoCMS 3.0. is another relatively new website building service that offers great responsive templates out from the box. Its admin panel and some functions are similar to those of Webflow. You can use its intuitive drag-and-drop editor to create your own responsive website from customizable templates.

One of the finest features of MotoCMS 3.0 admin panel is that it is very intuitive and offers a so-called "intuitive support". Each block has a small icon with a question sign that contains a drop-down window with a brief explanation of the block use. Its exclusive color picker feature allows changing color scheme across the entire design within one click. As well as all changes you make to a certain element will be applied to all elements of the same class throughout the template.

Like Webflow, MotoCMS templates are responsive for three basic breakpoints, including smartphone view in landscape and portrait modes. In any of these modes you can apply changes to make your design more suitable to certain screen resolutions and your own design concept. One of the best things about MotoCMS 3.0 is that you can browse, view admin panel and demo in all four screen sizes without previous registration. From the "view admin panel" mode you can even try all the system functionality without saving your changes, of course. Thus, you can be sure you're not getting a pig in a poke with your purchase.


  • Responsive right out of the box
  • Four screen size modes (desktop, tablet, smartphone landscape and smartphone portrait)
  • Admin panel can be tested without registration
  • Allows template tweaking for any screen size you need
  • Intuitive dashboard with "passive support"
  • Professionally designed templates


  • Templates price
  • No CSS tweaking allowed (but it's good for beginners as they won't spoil anything in code)
  • Product is not 100% finished yet, some advanced features will appear the nearest time

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