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Reality-warping French art you have to see

street art frames

Some brain-scrambling street art in France

We've seen some incredible examples of street art over the past few months, with art installations across the world brightening up an array of city streets. However, when it combines the aspects of trompe l'oeil, it serves to produce an incredible spin on street art.

Here, French street art duo Ella & Pitr (aka Papier Peintres) created a series of picture frame installations for their photo series, entitled 'Anamorphoses'. It was created for an ad campaign for the National Dramatic Center of St. Etienne in France and serves to scramble the minds of passer-bys.

We still can't quite get our heads around the exact proportions and angles of the installation but we're sure that it's set to make quite an impact on the residents of St. Etienne.

street art frames

street art frames

[via Laughing Squid]

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