Apple's M3 Pro MacBook Pro just dropped to its cheapest price yet

MacBook M3 Pro deal
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Apple's latest MacBook Pro has seen fairly consistent discounts of $200 to $250 off at third-party retailers, but I've just spotted a deal that's a little better than the usual offers. Amazon currently has the M3 Pro MacBook Pro 14 reduced from $1,999 to $1,699. Representing a saving of $300, this is the biggest discount we've seen on any configuration of the laptop, and we've been watching it like a hawk since its release in November.

This price is for the M3 Pro-chipped configuration with 18GB memory and a 512GB SSD. There are slightly smaller discounts going on other configurations, including on M3 Max-chipped models. This deal stands out since it's not only the biggest saving we've seen to date, but the configuration in question provides a good balance specs for most people, with enough memory to handle work in most creative software, with the exception of 3D workflows that might require the power of the M3 Max (see our regular roundup of the best MacBook Pro M3 prices for more deals).

MacBook Pro (14-inch, M3 Pro, 18GB RAM)
Was: $1,999
Now: Save:

MacBook Pro (14-inch, M3 Pro, 18GB RAM)
$1,699 at Amazon
Save: $300

Overview: The M3 MacBook Pros are the latest iterations of Apple's most powerful laptop. There are three options of processor: the M3, M3 Pro an M3 Max. Amazon has deals on various configurations of all three, most of them equal to or close to equal to the lowest price on record. It's the M3 Pro, 18GB RAM, 512GB SSD configuration that has an especially good offer today, and we think this provides the best balance of power and price for most creatives who don't have very specific requirements, such as 3D work or heavy duty video editing with high-resolution footage.

Key features: Display: 14-inch (3024 x 1964) 120Hz | Processor: Apple M3 Pro (11-core CPU / 14-core GPU)| RAM: 18GB|SSD: 512GB |Weight: 3.5 pounds | Ports: 1 x HDMI, 3 x Thunderbolt 4, 3.5mm headphone jack. 

Release date: 7 November 2023.

Price history: Amazon, Best Buy and B&H Photo have all run discounts of up to $250 on this configuration of the MacBook Pro 14 in the six months that have passed since its release, but we have never seen a discount of more than that. Considering that even previous generation MacBooks only tend to come in for discounts of up to around $350 (not including renewed/pre-owned devices), we think this is a great deal.

Price check: Apple: $1,999 | Best Buy: $1,999

Review consensus: We reviewed the 16-inch MacBook Pro M3 rather than this 14-inch model, but the specs are effectively the same aside from the difference in screen and battery size. Our review model was an M3 Max configuration, and our reviewer and resident 3D animator found that it offered outstanding performance and battery life. The M3 Pro model doesn't have the cores or memory of the M3 Pro Max, but we think the model we reviewed would be overkill for most people, while the M3 Pro configuration is a sensible choice for creatives who need the power for smooth video and image editing without special requirements for 3D work. 

If you don't need so much power, Amazon also has $200 off the base M3 MacBook Pro 14.

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