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Find the perfect font with this new app

Finding that perfect font for your project is no easy feat. With thousands to choose from, sifting through for one that sets off the rest of your design work can take a long time.

To make the whole process easier, MyFonts have created FontScout, which you can download to your iPad for free.

How FontScout works

FontSocut list

Browse related fonts in the FontScout app

FontScout is designed to let you browse MyFonts' extensive range of styles, while simultaneously honing you in on that elusive, perfect typeface.

When you open the app, you'll be presented with a grid of popular fonts. Simply click one you like the look of and similar styles will appear. As you keep choosing typefaces, you'll steadily refine your list.

FontScout favourites

Save potential fonts to your favourites, or create an album

Once you've found a font that you like, just double tap it to save it to your favourites or add it to an album. You can even see how it looks in your own words by entering and editing copy from your project.

FontScout text editor

Enter and edit your own text to see how it looks

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