23 top free brush fonts

The internet offers a wealth of amazing free fonts for designers if you know where to look. They come in all manner of designs – retro fonts, handwriting fonts and script fonts, to name a few. In this article, we're focusing on brush fonts, which can add a playful, human approach to your designs. Plus, they look great printed.

Here we've scoured the web to find the best examples of free brush fonts to put to good use in your projects. Enjoy!

01. Besom

Besom brush font sample

Take a break with Besom

Kicking off our free brush fonts list is the beautiful Besom designed by Gatis Vilaks. Originally designed as part of an art project, this relaxing and fun font would be perfectly suited to travel media thanks to its scratchy and textured finish.

02. Fjord

Fjord brush sample

Give your type a cool edge with Fjord

Unsurprisingly, the stunning Fjord typeface takes its inspiration from Norway's natural landscape. Created by painter Krisjanis Mezulis, the font was originally drawn with a thick brush on plastic to achieve its unique distorted look. Both beautiful and chilling at the same time, this font has a lot of flexibility.

03. Brux

Brux font sample

Brux comes in a variety of languages

Bold, full of life, and hard to miss, meet Brux, a coarse, all caps font designed by Marcelo Reis Melo. Even though this font has some stylishly distressed brush work going on, it still remains easy to read. Available with Swedish, German and Spanish characters, this font is sure to find a wide audience.

04. Odachi

Julian free brush fontu

We love this beautiful Japanese-inspired brush font design

We love this beautiful Japanese-inspired design Odachi, by UI and type designer Mehmet Reha Tugcu. One of many stunning typefaces created by Tugcu, this has got to be our favourite of his brush fonts designs, not least because he's made it available for others to use in any project, even commercial endeavours.  

05. Salted Mocha

Free brush fonts: Salted Mocha

Salted Mocha brush font has a fun, playful feeling

If the name isn't enough to whet your appetite, the design of this gorgeous Salted Mocha free brush font will. Created by Stephanie Arsenault on the iPad Procreate app, Salted Mocha features authentic brush stroke textures. With loopy strokes and a bouncing baseline, Salted Mocha has a fun, playful feeling, making it perfect for branding, invitations, quotes, and prints

06. Takhie

Free brush font: Takhie

This font is multilingual, and supports Latin and Greek characters

Designer and illustrator Nantia is the woman behind this simple yet elegant free brush font Takhie. One of many beautiful fonts, Nantia's Behance page is full of free resources for designers and artists. Want more? You can purchase the pro version of Takhie over on Nantia's website for a very affordable $15. 

07. Leafy

Leafy free brush font

Leafy  includes 95 individual characters

Leafy is a free handwritten brush font put together by Krisijanis Mezulis. It includes 95 characters, each of which is individual and unique. This all-caps font has a naive, neat feel that promises to 'make you feel warm inside'. 

08. Brusher

Brusher free brush font

Brusher sports some lovely smooth curves and edges

Brush fonts don't need to be sketchy and rough – this one sports some lovely smooth curves and edges, and a calligraphic aesthetic. Brusher is an elegant, flowing font that's a little more controlled than many other brush fonts. Download it for free on Behance

09. Macbeth

Macbeth free brush font

Macbeth SVG format provides scope for plenty of authentic brush details in the hand-drawn characters

Macbeth is an SVG font that's gained plenty of attention and appreciation on Behance – and it's free for both personal and commercial use. The SVG format provides scope for plenty of authentic brush details in the hand-drawn characters. This brash and energetic font would be ideal for use on displays, clothing or music artwork.

10. Atmosphere

Atmosphere free brush font

Atmosphere's slightly dry brush texture really brings it to life

There are plenty of reasons to love Yasir Ekinci's brush font, Atmosphere, not least that it's free for both personal and commercial use. The font features both uppercase and lowercase characters, as well as numbers and all the punctuation and symbols you'll need, all of them hand-drawn with an authentic and wonderfully scratchy brush texture. Atmosphere's slightly dry brush texture really brings it to life, and as an added bonus, Ekinci has thrown in a set of 20 watercolour splotches to help liven up your work.

11. Rustico

Rustico free brush font

Make a statement with Rustico

Made by Hustle Supply Co, Rustico is a bold brush font that's designed to help you make an eye-catching statement, whatever you're creating. Free for both personal and commercial use, its all-caps letterforms are drawn at a slight italic slant, and the rough and realistic brush texture gives Rustico a lively and energetic feel.

12. Peomy

Peomy free brush font sample

Peomy includes a bumper selection of logos and mini illustrations

Handwritten brush font Peomy includes an upper and lowercase set of characters and multi-language support, plus a bumper selection of logos and mini illustrations – including floral elements – you can use you supplement your designs.

13. Westfalia

Westfalia free brush font

Westfalia is great for any outdoor and exploration-themed design work

A hand-painted, free brush font, Westfalia was created by the team at Rambler Creative. Providing an authentic hand-drawn feel with its messy edges and varied line thickness, Westfalia is great for any outdoor and exploration-themed design work.

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