The 11 best free brush fonts

Free brush fonts are a guaranteed way to ensure that your creative projects, whether printed or digital, look unique, playful and professional without breaking the bank. We know that there are plenty of brush fonts to choose from out there, but not all of them are up to scratch. So to save you some time we have compiled a list of the best free brush fonts we could find. While all of these brushes are free for personal use, only some are free for commercial use too, so make sure you check the terms before you use them.

We have found an eclectic range of the best free brush fonts that will appeal to everyone, but if you can't find what you are looking for on this list, here's our roundup of brilliant free fonts. And if we still aren't checking your boxes, then take a look at our best free handwriting fonts.

Stay tuned for our list of best free brush fonts.

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The best free brush fonts in 2021

01. Zallord

A colourful image of pots of brushes in the background and the text 'authentic brush font. Zallord. Created by Alice Whales.

Hand drawn font Zallord is truly unique (Image credit: Alice Whales)

Zallord, a hand-drawn brush font, features strong upper and lower case lettering as well as numbers and punctuation (the whole package). The striking font with an authentic brush feel was created by artist Alice Whales and is available to download for personal and commercial use from Graphic Design Freebies

02. Hackney Hand-Painted Typeface

The words 'HANDPAINTED SVG HKNY HACKNEY TYPEFACE' on a blue and red painted background

We love this rustic feel (Image credit: Tom Anders Watkins/Ellen Luff)

Bold and eye-catching, Hackney Typeface looks the real deal with its intricate paintbrush-style detailing. With a rustic feel and strong lettering, this font is perfect for taking your projects to the next level. You can download this font for personal use from Dropbox.

03. Bathi font

Free brush fonts: Bathi

Bathi is casual yet elegant (Image credit: TwinLetter on fontlot)

Bathi is an gentle hand lettering font, created using a brush pen by Twinletter. This font is perfect for giving your project a calming and unobtrusive typeface. Free for personal use (and a mere $4.99 for a commercial license), this is casual yet soothing font has unusual flourishes that create a feeling of movement. 

04. The Cat Has a Hat

The Cat Has a Hat font in pink and grey writing.

'The Cat has a Hat' Font is youthful and fun (Image credit: Lukee Thornhill)

Taking the popular stories of Dr Seuss as its jumping off point, creator Lukee Thornhill has made The Cat Has a Hat playful and humorous. Thornhill has condensed over 1500 letters, numbers and symbols designed over the space of a weekend into this merry set that's full of character. 

Whilst this typeface is fun and lively, Thornhill has made sure that this isn't a childish font meaning that it's available to download to help you with a variety of branding and marketing purposes. Some users have even pointed out that it bares a resemblance to the Nando's typography. 

05. Odachi

A Japanese-style character stands in a misty green landscape looking at a bright red moon. The photo reads 'A free rough brush font. Odachi'.

This Japanese-inspired brush font design is truly stunning

The beautiful Japanese-inspired design Odachi was created by UI and type designer Mehmet Reha Tugcu. With an organic and archaic feel to it, we think this font would not look out of place in a Zelda game. There are many stunning typefaces created by Tugcu but this has got to be our favourite of his brush fonts designs, not least because he's made it available for others to use in any project, even commercial endeavours.  

06. Takhie

Free brush fonts: Takhie

This multilingual font supports Latin and Greek characters 

Simple, delicate and soft, Takhie was made by designer and illustrator, Nantia for personal and commercial use. Nantia has created many more beautiful fonts to help you with your projects, just check them out on her Behance Page. Furthermore, if you'd like even more of Takhie then you can purchase the pro version on Nantia's website for just $15. 

07. Leafy

Free brush fonts: Leafy

Leafy  includes 95 individual characters [Image: Krisijanis Mezulis]

Leafy is a handwritten brush font with an endearingly warm feel designed by Latvian artist, Krisijanis Mezulis. It includes 95 quirky characters, including all-caps lettering, each of which are individual with a naive, neat feel. This gentle font will suit a range of projects, whether they be personal or commercial. 

08. Banaue

Free brush fonts: Banaue

Banaue is a handwritten free brush font with a homemade look [Image: Ieva Banaue]

Hand brushed by Ieva Mezule, Banaue is a serene handwritten free brush font with a rustic look and Filipino influence. The name Banaue is derived from the Philippines – Banaue being a place in the north where rice terraces stretch around mountains. Banaue features 104 beautifully tranquil characters and is free for personal or commercial use. 

09. Kust

Free brush fonts: Kust

Every letter has a unique structure, with a distorted look [Image: Ieva Mezule]

Kust is another font created by fashion designer and painter Ieva Mezule (she designed Benaue seen previously). These thick letters were drawn with a brush using black ink on hard paper, giving the glyphs a very authentic look. Featuring 80 characters, every letter has a unique structure, with an unpolished and distorted feel. This font is available for both personal and commercial use. 

10. True Lies

Free brush fonts: True Lies font

True Lies is sure to make your text look rough and ready [Image: Jonathan Harris]

 Jonathan Harris' chilling True Lies font is free to download for personal use. This spooky typeface wouldn't look out of place on a horror poster and with it covering the alphabet, numbers, symbols and punctuation marks you won't want to miss out on this gritty font ready to give your projects that rough look.

11. Levi Brush

Free brush fonts: Levi Brush

Some say this font looks like Coldplay's Viva La Vida cover [Image: Levi Szekeres]

Romanian designer Levi Szekeres designed this free quirky brush font. With people drawing comparisons to the fonts on David Guetta's 'One Love' to Coldplay's 'Viva la Vida' cover, you're onto a winner. Szekeres captioned his font with 'A very personal one' meaning that it's sure to give your work an authentic and meaningful touch. You can also download Levi ReBrushed which includes variations on the paint splatter.

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