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This idea book will tune-up your typography

The Typography Idea book

Learn the art of typography with help from the masters

It can be difficult to know what makes for good typographic design. From baselines to gadzooks, typography has its own set of terms that pose a barrier to entry for newcomers, and that's before you factor in developments like responsive typography and kinetic typography. Thankfully, The Typography Idea Book is here to explain how the basics of typography work.

Due to be released by Laurence King Publishing this August, The Typography Idea Book by Steven Heller and Gail Anderson uses examples from 50 typography masters to help newcomers to the field develop their own style.

Rather than being packed with the technical jargon that clutters so many typography tutorials, The Typography Idea Book instead relies on practical techniques to get its message across.

The book aims to help readers develop their own style

The book aims to help readers develop their own style

Readers are in safe hands, as author Steven Heller has served as the art director at the New York Times, while Gail Anderson has received numerous awards for her contribution to the world of design.

Inside, readers will discover subjects ranging from type transformation to abstraction, via overlapping, hand-lettering, vectorizing, novelty type faces and puns.

With 50 illustrations over 128 pages, this book is a short read, perfectly pitched at those looking to take their first step into the world of typography.

Dom Carter
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