The typeface designed with coders in mind

Choosing a suitable typeface for any project is an important decision, and coding is no exception. With the smallest of typos causing major problems, coders generally opt for monospaced fonts, where each character takes up the same amount of space, creating an easy-to-read grid of code.

However, having each character constrained to the same fixed width does have it's drawbacks, with wide and narrow characters forced to squeeze and stretch to fill the space.

This is why this new typeface Input from digital studio Font Bureau, designed by David Jonathan Ross, includes proportionally spaced styles, which allows the attributes of a monospaced design to adapt and take up only the space it needs.

Input Normal, Narrow, Condensed, and Compressed

The Font Bureau team comment on their website: "Like any good coding font, Input has generous spacing, large punctuation, and easily distinguishable characters. Much attention was paid to the size and positioning of symbols frequently used in coding – curly brackets, less-than and greater-than signs, the @ sign – characters that can easily be afterthoughts in the type design process."

Input offers alternate forms of a, g, i, l, 0, and *

Input is free for personal and unpublished use, and can be purchased for public-facing usage via the Font Bureau website.