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Havana Man: a wild stop-motion extravaganza

This cool new video is from self-taught director and stop-motion genius Patrick Boivin. The film-maker from Canada is best known for his work in stop-motion (AT-AT Day Afternoon, anyone?) and he fully utilises the medium again in this latest project for Havana Club.

The new promo for the premium rum implies three characters, each gifted with a strong and redoubtable personality: the good, the bad and the superhero: Havana Man!

Bad guy took my mojito!

With a 1960s Latino-Cuban vibe, the film drags you into an infernal high-speed race between the Bad Guy, who is a pirate full of mischief, and Havana Man whose only objective is to serve justice. But why this conflict? Well, the Bad Guy stole the Good Guy’s smallest mojito in the world, of course!

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