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Grab your FREE Monday wallpaper by Duncan Wilson

It's the start of a new week and, once again, we've got just the thing to put a smile on your face. Having teamed up with another awesome designer, here's another brilliant freebie for your desktop, iPhone and iPad.

Duncan Wilson

Duncan Wilson

Duncan Wilson

Duncan Wilson is a creative director and illustrator based in the south of England. Throughout his creative career, Wilson has been lucky enough to work across the broadest range of clients and markets - from designing entertainment and learning content for children across games consoles and the internet, to software UI design and technology focused corporate communications.

Wilson on his illustration... "This is a piece from the Pixie Tuesday project that ran on my blog every week (without fail) for eighteen months. The aim of the project was to draw and write about a new character every week in order to develop my illustrative style and build a portfolio showcasing my personal work.

The aim of the project was to draw and develop my illustrative style

"This particular piece was made to mark the one year mark in the project. It's based on the famous recruitment poster of Lord Kitchener and I think it says a lot about the goal of Pixie Tuesday. Ultimately, if you want to make good work it's about application and consistency, that's where the good stuff comes from - the cumulative effect of regular experimentation, trial and error. That's what talent feeds on.

"Hopefully this image will inspire whoever downloads it to do the little bit extra here and there to nourish their talent and reach their creative potential."

To download this cool wallpaper, simply follow the links below:

Download for iPhone (640 x 960)

Download for iPhone5 (640 x 1136)

Download for iPad (2048 x 2048)

Download for desktop (1920 x 1080)