The 10 best new web design tools in January

In need of a little web design inspiration? Or maybe you need help with how to start a blog? As the complexity of building a website continues to increase, fortunately, so does the quality and number of tools produced by the web community to help you.

Below you'll find a few resources that generate unique, copyright-free assets for you, which quickly solves the road-block of finding images and music and dealing with the associated rights. Beyond that are the usual productivity helpers and educational tools that make life easier.

01. CSSFilters

Web design tools: CSSFilters

Make CSS photo filters the easy way

Generate photo filters by dragging the sliders. This tool gets presets from CSSGram by Una Kravets, which is a library for recreating Instagram filters using CSS filters and blend modes.

02. Social Colors

Web design tools:: Social colours

Grab the hex values for major social media sites with a single click

Visiting individual social media sites and using a colour picker to get their brand colours is a clunky way of doing things and also poses a major distraction risk. To speed up this task and save you from falling into a Pinterest rabbit hole, Material UI have added a Social Colors section to their site. Here you can grab the hex colour value for all the big sites with a single click.

03. Feature.js

Web design tools: Feature.js

Small, fast browser feature detection

A small browser feature detection library that’s only 1kb minified and gzipped. It doesn't run any tests until you ask it to, so it's very fast and helpful for building progressively enhanced websites. The author has included some detailed notes to get you started, and you can see which features work in your browser just by loading the website.

Web design tools: Loud links

A handy way to add sound

Add enchanting interaction sounds to your interface elements with this tiny JavaScript library. Just a couple of lines of code does the trick, and sounds play on click or hover.

05. Flexbox Playground

Web design tools: Felxbox Playground

What does this do?

Get a handle on Flexbox properties by experimenting with this playground by Gabi Siquès.

06. The Performance Budget builder

Web design tools: The Performance Budget builder

Know your constraints before you start

Working out a performance budget before you start designing gives you an idea of how many fonts and images you can use so you don't waste your time creating something that won't be built. You can do it with a spreadsheet, but Brad Frost has written this useful tool with a nice interface to make one for you. There's also an accompanying blog post that explains how to use the tool and links to some good resources.

07. Unique Gradient Generator

Web design tools: Unique Gradient Generator

Use the arrow keys to find the perfect pattern

This tool uses an unusual approach to make bokeh-style background images. A tiny sample of a source image is scaled up to fill the browser window, and the browser's image smoothing function creates the gradient effect. Use your arrow keys to move around the source image and find interesting patches of colour.

08. Jukedeck

Web design tools: Jukedeck

Tell Jukedeck how the music should feel

Avoid the hassle of dealing with rights for video background music by generating your own. Genre options are ambient, rock, folk and electronic, and there's a choice of styles for each of those. Each track generated is unique.

09. Scrawl

Web design tools: Scrawl

A creative way to take a break

Scrawl is a tool for making interactive, iterative geometric art created by Sam Gentle. Each line tool has a particular set of properties that enable you to create fractal-like drawings by choosing the placement of lines. It's a fun way to doodle while you work through a problem.

10. es6-cheatsheet

Web design tools: es6-cheatsheet

Learn ES6 with kitty-themed code

Improve your ES6 knowledge and skills the quick way with this cheat sheet. There are tricks, tips, best practices and code snippets that will help you do things faster and better.

Words: Tanya Combrinck

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