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The best website builder for photographers in 2021

Best website builder for photographers
(Image credit: Pexels/Pixabay)

Want to find the best website builder for photographers? We don't blame you. 2020 was a terrible year for photographers, and 2021 isn't looking a lot better, so you need to use all the options available to promote your business. Here we've found the five best options to help you get your skills noticed.

While you might be a demon behind the lens, that doesn't mean you're at home with the intricacies of web design, so you'll be pleased to know that none of these website builders require any coding skills. They all provide a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to build a fine-looking portfolio from a ready-made photography template, and if you want to take things a bit further you can add a blog and even sell your photos on your site as well.

All of these website builders come highly recommended, so don't worry about hooking up with a dud; it's more a matter of choosing the one that works best for you. We'll point to the small points of difference between them, to help you pick the perfect website builder for your photography business. Don't need it specifically for photos? Also see our round-up of the best website builder for multi-purpose use. 

The best website builder for photographers right now

01. Wix
Wix has something for everyone, and whether you want it to do all the hard work for you, or if you'd prefer get stuck into a pro template, you'll find it delightfully straightforward to get your own photography website up and running in double quick time.View Deal

02. Squarespace
Squarespace has an incredible selection of great-looking templates, and while it costs a bit more than similar offerings, it's worth the extra expense. It's not the most intuitive service, but if you take the time to learn its ways you'll get stunning results.View Deal

03. Format
Aimed squarely at photographers, Format has loads of tools designed to help you build a fine-looking photography portfolio, including a client-proofing system and the ability to import photos directly from Lightroom or Capture One. Its templates are wonderfully sleek and minimal too.View Deal

The best website builder for photographers

best website builder for photographers Selection of wedding images

(Image credit: Wix)

01. Wix

The best website builder for photographers overall

Free trial: 14 days | Free version: Yes | Pricing: $9-$19.50 / £3-£18 per month | Customer support: Submit ticket or request callback 24/7

Easy to use
Cheap prices
Free version
Templates are basic

There are a lot of web builders aimed specifically at photographers, including Format, Smugmug, Pixpa, Photoshelter and Zenfolio. But if you want a solid and reliable platform on which to build your photography website, then our recommendation would be Wix

Wix’s prices are very competitive indeed, and it even offers a ‘free forever’ plan. That free site will be covered with ads, and pretty restricted in terms of storage, so it would be no good for a full portfolio. But if you just wanted a simple ‘calling card’ site with your contact details, it could still be an option.

Pay a little more, though, and you’d be able to build a more fully featured photography site for as little as £3 per month. Wix is also even easier to use than Format and Squarespace, and offers phone support (via callback) along with other methods. These are some of the reasons Wix tops our list of the best website builders overall.

Wix offers a good selection of photography templates, created for everyone from wedding photographers to photojournalists. Those templates aren’t quite as slick and good-looking as Squarespace’s or Format's, although there’s more options to customise them using third-party apps. 

At the opposite end of the scale, if you really are technically challenged, Wix offers a mega-easy way to create a website, in the form of Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence). This just asks you a few questions about what you want your website to do, then uses your social media info to generate a fully working website for you. So if you don’t care what your site looks like, and just want one with the minimum of fuss, this is a great option.

Squarespace homepage

(Image credit: Squarespace)

02. Squarespace

The best website builder for photographers overall

Free trial: 14 days | Free version: No | Pricing: $12-$40 / £10-£30 per month | Customer support: 24/7 email, live chat Monday-Friday: 4am-8pm EDT

Beautiful templates
Highly customisable
Great ecommerce features
Not the cheapest

Squarespace may not be exclusively targeted at photographers, we still feel it's an excellent option for building your photography website. It has a great selection of beautiful and professional looking templates; expertly crafted by top-class designers, they’re clean, orderly and elegantly minimal. This ensures that your work truly shines online, whether your site is viewed on a desktop computer, tablet or phone screen. And we can think of nothing more important than that. 

Squarespace offers a selection of specific photography templates, but these aren’t the only ones that you can consider using. In fact, the general bias in Squarespace templates is towards showcasing big, high-quality images, so it’s well worth giving them all a look. 

It’s also pretty easy to create your site using the drag and drop interface, which produces pop-up prompts every time you hover over an area. It isn’t quite as intuitive as some web builders, to be honest, so there is a bit of a learning curve. But it's nothing to worry about, and you certainly won’t need any prior experience of building websites, or to know anything about code. 

Should you want to add a blog or an online store to sell your prints and photobooks, you’ll find all those features are pretty easy to use too. And if you get stuck, there’s 24/7 support via email, with good response times, and live chat from Monday-Friday, 4am-8pm EDT. Overall, Squarespace may be more expensive than many of its rivals, but we feel the extra cost is well deserved.

best website builder for photographer Selection of portraits of glamorous woman

(Image credit: Format)

03. Format

The best website builder for pro photography features.

Free trial: 14 days | Free version: No | Pricing: $12-$25 (about £9-£19) per month | Customer support: Via email

Focused on photography
Pro shooter features
Low prices
Interface can be tricky

Format is similar to Squarespace, but is purely focused on the creation of photography portfolios. And that laser-focus means that it has a lot of useful features for the busy working photographer.

The most useful of these is the client-proofing system. This allows you to collate private, password-protected album for your client on your website, with watermarked images if you choose. For anyone sharing dozens, or even hundreds of images on an average shoot, this system is a great time saver compared to messing about with email, Dropbox or WeTransfer, and much more user-friendly for the client too. 

Another great time-saver is being able to add images to your website directly from Lightroom or Capture One. Plus, if you’re worried about copyright theft, you can disable right-click on the images in your portfolio to stop visitors downloading them without permission.

Added to that, Format’s templates are beautifully minimal, sleek and modern and show your work off to great effect. You can manage your portfolio on the go with the iOS app, and you can generate extra income from photobooks, prints, Lightroom presets and the like by adding an online store. It’s also cheaper than Squarespace.

So why isn’t Format number one on our list? Quite honestly, it comes down to the fundamentals. We feel that Squarespace still edges Format in terms of both the design quality of its templates, and the ease of use of its interface. The business and ecommerce features that Squarespace offers are also much more extensive. That said, it’s a close run thing, and if specific features like client proofing and disabling right-click are something that excite you, then Format may be the better choice for you overall.

Squarespace homepage

(Image credit: Smugmug)

04. Smugmug

A great website builder for photographers who use Android.

Free trial: 14 days | Free version: No | Pricing: $8.40 - $50.39 per month | Customer support: Via email, 24/7, 364 days a year

Focused on photography
Pro shooter features
Android app
Fewer templates on cheap plans

Smugmug offers a very similar service to Format’s. Similarly focused on photography portfolios, it also features password-protected galleries, watermarking of photos, the ability to suspend right-click on images, and a Lightroom plugin. There are good ecommerce options for making some extra income. And its lovingly crafted, fully responsive templates look very smart and professional. 

So far, so professionally useful. On the whole, though, we’ve found that Smugmug’s interface is a little trickier to use than Format's. We’re also disappointed to see that, unlike most web builders, you only get access to the full range of templates on the pricier plans. 

On the plus side, unlike Format, Smugmug offers an app for Android as well as iOS. So if you’re not an Apple user, you’ll be able to manage your site and upload new images while you’re out on a shoot. And that may in itself be enough to opt for this service.

best website builder for photographers Portfolio website on different devices

(Image credit: Pixpa)

05. Pixpa

Generate photo gallery apps for your clients.

Free trial: 15 days (plus 30-day money-back guarantee) | Free version: No | Pricing: $7-$16 per month | Customer support: Via email or live chat

Build mobile gallery apps
Money-back guarantee
Half-price for students
Interface not the easiest

Pixpa lies somewhere between Squarespace and Format/Smugmug, being aimed primarily at photographers, but also other creatives, such as designers, artists and architects. While we've found its interface is a little clunky to use in practice, it's still pretty straightforward once you get used to it. But beyond that, what really makes Pixpa stand out is the ability to create personalised mobile gallery apps for your clients. 

In a world where we’re all spending more time on our phones and less on our desktop computers, that’s a smart feature that could really help you lure in more commissions. You might even charge for it as an extra, in the case for example of wedding customers. You can see an example gallery here.

Beyond that, Pixpa offers some excellent integrations with other apps, including Google Analytics, MailChimp and Spotify, and some nice ecommerce features, including the ability to generate discount codes. You also pay zero payment processing fees to Pixpa in your online store compared with, say, 3 per cent to Squarespace. Also note that Pixpa doesn’t just offer a 15-day free trial but a 30-day money-back guarantee. Plus, if you’re a student you’ll get a whopping 50 per cent off.

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