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150 diverse web designs to inspire you

It's one thing when your team or client wants to redesign a homepage or a landing page. There are endless examples, case studies and history of those to draw inspiration from.

But what about when you're asked to redesign a team page, or a pricing page? There just isn't a lot of content around interior pages, mostly because they're historically boring as hell and nobody cares.

Well... the times they are a changin'. With hiring at the forefront of growing start-ups, the team page is as important as ever. Similarly, finding ways to increase conversion rates on a SaaS based pricing pages by 10% can often means millions in additional revenue.

So here it is. The starting point. 15 pages types. 10 examples for each page type. 150 designs in all. Free. Bookmark this page now!

10 About Us Page Designs

10 Blog Page Designs

10 Case Study Page Designs

10 Contact Us Page Designs

10 Home Page Designs

10 Jobs Page Designs

10 Landing Page Designs

10 Pricing Page Designs

10 Product Page Designs

10 Services Page Designs

10 Sign Up Page Designs

10 Support Page Designs

10 Team Page Designs

10 Testimonial Page Designs

10 Free Trial Page Designs

We hope you enjoyed this list and find value in referencing each collection during future or current projects. Even if you didn't enjoy these designs, you have to admit, at least you don't have to go search on Google for examples of 'support page' designs. Design on!

Words: Dan Slagen

Dan Slagen is the VP of Marketing at Crayon.

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