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Advertising news site is packed with personality

Three things in particular get me really excited about web design: great typography, a strong structure and beautiful balance. The new AdAge nails all three.

Ad news website Advertising Age, which is highly regarded in the marketing and media community, carries most of its weight on the shoulders of beautiful and readable Tiempos Text (and Tiempos Headline for, well, headlines).

What I love about this typeface choice is that while it has an editorial nod, its curves also pack some personality.

The experience and layout remains equally enjoyable as you scroll down the page, and each section feels well thought-out and unique, with comfortable breathing space around the various elements.

Far too often I come across news websites that cram text and headlines into every little 'fold', nook and cranny. This is a welcome breath of fresh air.

AdAge's website is not trying to be too clever, and this is a good thing. They understand their audience and display articles in a feed-like style

"The redesign attempted to address AdAge's business needs while enhancing the overall user experience," says Miguel Buckenmeyer of Area 17.

"The visual design – the typography, the use of white space, the extra templates and so on – are clear nods to print editorial, and we believe help differentiate the overall product."

Words: Brian Hoff

Brian is the founder and creative director of Brian Hoff Design, a Philadelphia-based boutique digital agency creating web and mobile platforms and products. Follow him on Twitter at @behoff.

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