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Slick parallax scrolling site creates virtual research lab

Parallax scrolling has opened up web design to a myriad of new creative opportunities, and a new site launched today has used the innovative style to create a virtual research laboratory to educate and inform visitors. Alzheimer’s Research, the UK's leading dementia research charity, aims to communicate information about dementia in an engaging way using its website The Lab.

From idea to treatment, users can scroll through two labs and a clinic, each of which are filled with pop-up information buttons. When clicked, new pages open with details on how scientists' ideas are turned into reality and how this can make a difference for the thousands of people living with the disease.

A new approach

Rebecca Wood, chief executive of Alzheimer's Research UK, said:
"Surveys into public attitudes around science reveal that while the majority of people agree that we should take an interest in science, many do not understand how scientists go about their work.

"People tell us that they feel research takes place behind closed doors so we wanted to break down the barriers and help give the public a flavour of what our researchers are up to. The Lab addresses this in a way that means even those who struggle to leave the house can learn about the different kinds of research under way to tackle the devastating diseases that cause dementia."

We love this engaging, new approach to informing people about dementia. The development team has done a great job in tackling a difficult subject, creating a site which is exciting, informative, jargon-free and suitable for people of all ages.

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