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3 classic talks every web designer should watch

Our web design conference, Generate is just THREE days away! So we thought it a great opportunity to take a look back at some of the best web design talks of the last few years, with leading designers explaining why they enthused them. Check them out and feel yourself becoming energised with web design inspiration!

01. The Mindful Designer

"This talk by Robbie Manson echoed a reflective start to 2012," remembers Laura Kalbag. "Speaking about the creativity and not being hung up on the tools we use, Robbie gave an insight into the design process that's often missing from conference lineups."

02. Rolling up Our Responsive Sleeves

"Unravelling some of the mysteries of responsive design and in his inimitable storytelling manner, Ethan Marcotte's talk diminished some of the issues I'd been having with responsive design," says Sarah Parmenter. "I watched this multiple times and it still sticks."

03. Adam Savage: Why We Make

Shane Mielke, formerly creative director at 2Advanced Studios and now a freelance designer, loves this talk by Adam Savage: "'It does not matter what you make. It does not matter why. It just matters that you’re making something.' Those words and many other comments about setting goals, problem solving and being passionate about your interests all make this yet another must-see Adam Savage presentation," says Mielke.

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