Discover a collaborative design platform for everyone

When it comes to collaborative design software, it's hard to find something that's simple enough for everyone to use, which offers powerful enough tools for pro designers to create inspiring work.

However the latest version of cloud-based collaborative design platform UXPin looks set to change all that, and you can get your hands on it for 15 per cent off.

Listed as a Top 10 Mockup tool in 2015, UXPin is already a big hit with thousands of customers including Paypal, HBO and Netflix,enabling designers and their teams to design lo-fi wireframes and hi-fi interactive prototypes in one place, import Sketch and PSD files, co-design in real time and share designs for feedback.


UXPin 3.0 is designed to be simple to use but powerful enough to create stunning results

"Just as Google docs revolutionized the sharing of words, we want to redefine the sharing of design," says Marcin Treder, founder and CEO of UXPin. "Design isn't just for businesses like Apple any more. We want to help all companies incorporate design while giving designers a powerful way to quickly create inspirational work."

And this mission continues with the latest version. UXPin 3.0 has been completely redesigned in a process guided by over 100 user interviews and more than 20 usability tests, with the goal of minimising the learning curve with a lightweight and faster interface.

"UXPin isn't just for designers," notes Marcin. "A lot of our customers include product managers and business analysts. Our goal was something simple enough for non-designers, but powerful enough for UI and UX designers."


UXPin's new engine runs 30 times faster than the previous version

The new version of UXPin features a rebuilt engine that runs 30 times faster than the previous version, rivalling desktop app speeds and making it suitable for much larger-scale design projects. A redesigned interface offers greater control over canvas elements, a zoom function enables you get in close to specific elements or pull back for a birds-eye view, and you can nest groups of elements so complex content is easier to find.

UXPin 3.0 also makes collaboration easier by allowing you to set different statuses and stages for projects, along with notifications for your team, and it'll even let you choose between a light and dark interface to suit your contrast preferences.

And best of all, the UXPin team is offering all CreativeBloq readers an exclusive 15 per cent discount. To get your discount, simply sign up for a free trial with the promo code CB15 and you're good to go.

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