Revealed: first-ever posts on world's biggest websites

For many of us, using sites such as YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, Mashable, eBay and Reddit is part of our daily routine. But have you ever wondered how these now giants of the internet started? And what kind of content graced their pages in the beginning?

If such a thought has ever crossed your mind, the website This Was First can provide the answer. Here you'll find a collection of the first postings ever published at some of the web's most well-known sites.

Okay, so it may not be the most resourceful tool, but it certainly provides an interesting read. For example, did you know that when first launched in March 2006, Twitter had just one registered user, it's owner Jack Dorsey. Once alone in the Twitter universe, Dorsey's first, simple tweet 'Just setting up my twttr' was the beginning of one of the most popular social networks used today, with it now boasting over 175 million registered users.

The launch of Twitter was presented with this simple tweet from its founder Jack Dorsey back in 2006

[via Laughing Squid]

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