37 sets of free icons

13. Modern Pictograms

modern pictograms interface

Modern Pictograms comes with a selection of free icons

An OpenType font for download, this free offering provides an attractive selection of free icons. The designs were created with simplicity and competence from the folks at The Design Office and are available on the popular free fonts site, Font Squirrel. (The icons apparently look good intermingled with Helvetica.)

14. FlatIcon

Flaticon interface

FlatIcon has over 184,000 icons on offer

If you need lots and lots of flat icons, then this project by FreePik will sort you right out, featuring 19,500 icon packs for free, adding up to over 736,000 free icons for both personal and commercial use.

15. Free vector icons: Retro Volume 1

retro icon set vol 1

Get retro with this icon set, and don't forget to grab Volume 2

This set of 120 vector icons by Vietnamese designer Min Tran presses all the right retro buttons. If you want more you can find Volume 2 right here, and there are plenty more icons to be found on his Dribble page

16. Free UXPin icon set

uxpin's interface

UXPin's free icon set is ideal for building UI prototypes

UXPin's a collaborative wireframing app that's perfect for building prototypes quickly and easily, and to help out with the process the UXPin team has made this beautiful and diverse suite of over 80 icons, designed for web and mobile UI design, available to use for free.

17. Icons8

Free icons icons8

Icons8 is a comprehensive collection of 76,100 free flat icons

Promising any icon in any format, size and colour in 20 seconds, Icons8 is a comprehensive collection of 76,100 free flat icons. With categories business, clothing, food and more, Icons8 lets users download icons as both a Mac App or ZIP file.

18. Freepik

Free icons freepik

Freepik's shaded vector icons are perfect for businesses and independent projects

This vibrant collection of shaded vector icons from graphic resource Freepik is just one of the many sets they've curated. Perfect for businesses and independent projects, these icons are free for both personal and commercial use. Each set can be downloaded in an .AI, .EPS and .SVG format.

19. Iconfinder

Free icons confinder

These black and white icons mix functionality with emotive ideas.

Rendered in simple black and white, this set of crisp vector icons mix functionality with emotive ideas. Besides standard icons for security and messaging, such as padlocks and envelopes, this collection from Iconfinder also features hearts and eyes to give your designs that personal touch.

20. Modern UI Icons

Free icons Modern UI

Over 1000 handcrafted flat icons for Windows, Android or iOS

Here's another fantastic free resource if you're looking for modern UI style icons for your Windows, Android or iOS app. Download the pack and you'll get over 1,000 handcrafted flat icons including app bar icons for Windows phone.

21. 350 pixel perfect icons

Free icons Pixel perfect

These pixel perfect icons are perfect for apps and websites

An awesome set of 350 pixel perfect icons that are perfect for apps and websites. You can use then for both personal and commercial use and scale them to any size you need.

22. 80 mini icons

Free icons 80 mini icons

Need something tiny? These mini icons are small but perfectly formed

Featuring 80 pixel perfect mini icons available in both PSD and Icon Font format. These clean and elegant icons are small but perfectly formed.

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