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Google makes its search terms dance for you

google terms visualised

The search terms are hardly surprising but the site itself is inspiring

Ever wondered what the rest of the world is searching for on Google? Well, wonder no more with Google Trends - a brilliantly designed web page from Google itself that showcases the hottest search terms typed in that very second in dynamic fashion.

This data visualization is not by itself an original idea but it's the brilliant execution, with strong use of colour, that really makes this a winner (create your own brilliant site by picking one of the best web hosting services).

The web page is also customisable: you can choose which country's search terms you'd like to see, as well as how the colours are shown. From the initial solo full screen option up to nine smaller squares, this visualization can end up become quite hypnotic, so be warned if you want to get any work done today...

google trends

You can chose how the search terms are showcased with a range of options

It's fascinating to see the various search terms as they differ between countries. Once again, Google has delivered on the design front with a sleek colour scheme, simple, effective typography and intuitive functionality. We have a feeling we'll be heading back to Google Trends before we know it.

Visit Google Trends and see the search terms dance for yourself.

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