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The magazine website everyone should emulate

Kinfolk is an independent lifestyle magazine for young creative professionals, published quarterly and celebrated for its art direction.

While the Kinfolk website isn't particularly new, for me it provides a constant benchmark for beautiful editorial design that doesn’t sacrifice on the content.

I appreciate beautiful magazine design – there is something in its tactile nature that the web will never have. So, when a beautiful printed entity is not only translated but enhanced by its digital counterpart, that makes me very excited.

How it was made

The Kinfolk site was put together by creative consultancy Six, and it has managed to build an experience that stands up alongside the printed magazine, rather than simply supplementing it.

“The design needed to showcase the imagery, films and stories the printed magazine has become renowned for,” says John Kariolis, creative director at Six. “The site features exclusive content, including city guides, showcasing the coolest places to visit around the globe. Key to the new site is the ability for users to register for subscriber-only stories.”

Users can comfortably browse the site without feeling pushed to buy the magazine. The articles are beautifully laid out and give equal hierarchy to imagery and copy, making it easy for users to focus on what interests them specifically.

Words: Chris Allwood

Chris Allwood is a digital designer and co-organiser of grassroots event Second Wednesday. He works at Studio Output in Nottingham, UK

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