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Immersive website takes you to the Land of Oz

Adobe and the FWA have announced the winner of this year's Cutting Edge award, recognising projects that best highlight the newest capabilities of the modern web. This year the prize goes to Disney's Find Your Way to Oz, a Chrome experiment inspired by the feature film 'Oz The Great and Powerful'.

Developed by UNIT9, it's a deep and absorbing journey to the fictional land of Oz with lots to do along the way. Connect a webcam and you can be transformed into a crazy circus character, you can compose music to earn clues to the path to Oz, and finally you can take to the skies in a hot air balloon and try to find Oz itself while avoiding a hair-raising storm.

Built entirely with WebGL and CSS3, Find Your Way to Oz was chosen out of 52 Cutting Edge Project of the Week winners, impressing the FWA's international judging panel by pushing what's possible within a web browser to the very limit.

If you like what's on show here, you might want to check out the rest of the competition at the Cutting Edge Project archive.

Words: Jim McCauley

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