Podcast website benefits from the personal touch

Creator Adam Clark steered clear of the traditional blog layout for his podcast website

The Gently Mad is a topic-agnostic podcast about web creators. Adam Clark, the mind behind it, stepped away from a traditional blog layout when designing it to create something with a bit more impact.

The large header and well-designed episode list conveys that there's a personal touch to this design. Clark started with 'more crazy' CSS3 transitions and fades, but removed them, he tells us. "I felt the design choices I had made (colour, layout, typography) worked much better just left alone," he says.

The site gathers stories and experiences from the guests on the show and presents them in an inviting way

Clark used Sass/Compass and the Compass extension Sassy Modular Scale for setting type sizes. "Based on Tim Brown’s modularscale.com, it allows you to set a base font size and ratio and will calculate the incremental values of the scale for easy use throughout your stylesheet," he explains.

The Compass extension Sassy Modular Scale was used for setting type sizes

It all goes to show that you don't need a ton of bells and whistles to draw attention to your podcast website - just a nice, well thought-out design that lets the content speak for itself.

This showcase was originally published in issue 240 of .net magazine.

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