The 5 most single purpose sites on the web

Website names have developed to a stage where people are desperately trying to create a new brand every time they choose a domain name. This is never more apparent that any site that uses a .ly domain, but successful examples have been Facebook, Twitter, eBay and many more.

Howeever some people like their websites to be self-explanatory. For them, these five sites do exactly what their domain name suggests and nothing else – and you've got to love the simplicity of that.

01. Down For Everyone or Just Me

If you're getting an error when visiting a certain site, it could be down – or something could be wrong on your end. To see which it is, head to and type in the website's domain. It'll let you know if it's actually down or whether you need to do a little more troubleshooting. You can head there quicker by typing in

02. How Secure Is My Password?

Does what it says on the tin. Type in a password and it'll tell you how long it would take to crack. If you find that your password's weaker than you'd like, we've shared some tips on creating safe passwords before – including the strongest type of password you can make.

03. What's My IP

Whether you're setting up a home media server with Subsonic or you just need to SSH into a computer at home, sometimes you need to know a computer's IP address from outside of your network, and this site will tell you what it is. Just visit it from the computer in question and it'll give you your IP address. is the simplest iteration of this tool, though contains some handy information about IP addresses if you're new to networking, and gives you a bit more than just your IP, like your remote port and browser info. Not to mention a funny picture of a chicken.

04. Can You See Me

If you're having connection issues with a certain program, like email, IM, or BitTorrent, it could be because your firewall or ISP is blocking a certain port that program needs. will let you type in a port and check if it's open – if it isn't, then that could be the source of your trouble. If it's open, then you know it's something else.

05. Who.Is

This site uses the Whois command to find the IP address, location, server type, and other stats of a specific domain. It's useful for finding out more about your favourite sites, testing your own home webserver, or trying to ping an outside IP address when you're having DNS troubles.

Of course, these aren't the only great single-purpose sites on the net. Head here to see more...

[Source: Lifehacker UK]

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