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Portfolio site offers stream of quirky inspiration

Cornell's drawings are now showcased using a 'streaming' method

Cornell's drawings are now showcased using a 'streaming' method

Bearskinrug is home to illustrator Kevin Cornell. Once a traditional portfolio site his drawings, the redesign acts as a stream of his various works. "What I had to offer were short bits of humour or art that were scattered across numerous social media sites. So I needed a place to compile these smaller bits that I generated," says Cornell.

The design heavily features Cornell's drawings, such as the hand-crafted icons for the varying post types. Illustrated background images are used for forms, navigation items and borders, showing how CSS mixed with images can create a beautiful personal site.

The redesign added media query support to adapt to different viewports. "The challenge was finding a way to present the huge amount of varied content I tend to generate in a design flexible enough to collapse in the many different ways required these days," he adds.

Take a look at the stream for yourself over on Bearskinrug.

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