Stylish site gives new twist to wedding photography

Chris Seddon's portfolio website makes the most of his fabulous wedding photography

Most wedding-related websites follow a standard cookie-cutter layout, but the portfolio site of wedding photographer Chris Seddon is something a bit different.

To make his stunning photography stand out amongst the competition, Katherine Cory has created an eye-popping effect that keeps the images on the page longer as you scroll than you'd expect. It's subtle but very effective.

The scrolling effect is an unusual and effective way to showcase his work

To create the site, Cory had no doubt about which content management system to use. "Drupal 7 is my weapon of choice," she says. "I’ve been using Drupal since 2008 and once I overcame the learning curve, I fell in love with the system. The possibilities are almost infinite due to the flexibility of content types, views, theming, taxonomies and user roles."

WordPress migration

Drupal has a very rich repository of plug-ins, as Cory explains: "Chris’s original website used WordPress, so I used the Migrate module to ensure all content and comments were saved.

Katherine Cory migrated the original website from WordPress to Drupal 7

"I used Views to query and display information in a series of blocks and pages, which I themed and manipulated to use plug-ins like FlexSlider and Stellar.js. One of the most useful plug-ins was TVI (Taxonomy Views Integrator) which enabled multiple view pages for taxonomy terms and vocabularies".

Cory is frank about Drupal’s weaknesses and says: "I’ll be the first to admit Drupal has a steep learning curve, but I do think it’s an overlooked option as a cost-effective, open source CMS with a large, supportive and active community."

This showcase was originally published in .net magazine issue 235.

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