White House uses HTML5 to tackle gun crime

The White House's in-house web team has created a brand new web page, showcasing the latest campaign surrounding the gun laws. And whatever your opinion on this policy debate, there's no denying it's a stunning feat in HTML5 web design that makes viewing the content a delightful experience.

The White House effortlessly disappears into the background as you scroll

Inspired in part by the New York Times' beautiful Snow Fall minisite, the page contains some subtle but neat scrolling effects. (Make sure you're using an up-to-date version of your web browser or you might not be able to see them.)

Most prominent is the way the image of the White House fades out as you scroll down the page. It looks like they've used JavaScript to manipulate the opacity - you can read an analysis of the code here.

As you continue scrolling video content readily plays, plus there are pause and play options for videos from members of the public.

Video content readily plays as you scroll through the page

At the bottom of the page, you're able to download the full presidential plan with the click of a button. There are also social media icons to encourage sharing and another video to finish the page off in style.

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