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Photoshopped kettles are good enough to eat

Moscow agency Catzwolf create a tasty series of kettles in this brilliantly Photoshopped series of print ads for Curtis tea.

photoshopped kettles
We love the subtle use of colour and eye-popping detail

Combining photography and photo editing skills, here's an exceptional series of print ads. An advertising campaign from Moscow agency Catzwolf for tea brewers Curtis, these images had us thirsty for a brew and hungry for the kettles all at the same time!

Catzwolf have been creating illustrations, animations and storyboards since 2009. Today they're an integrated production company delivering digital projects of all kinds. Here they've combined all their skills to produce a stunning set of ads that would catch anyone's eye.

We love the subtle use of colour when it comes to the backgrounds, enabling the kettle to really pop, while the intricate details and mouth-watering effects made the ads look as real as can be. Drool...

photoshopped kettles
photoshopped kettles
photoshopped kettles
photoshopped kettles

See more work from Catzwolf over on their website.

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