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Computer ArtsTutorial

Design a Vintage Film Poster

Tom Lane, AKA Ginger Monkey, demonstrates how to take your designs into B-movie territory.

I love to try new things and push my work into new areas.

Just doing what I know feels like a wasted opportunity. I get an incredible feeling of excitement and, ultimately, satisfaction when I can see a new illustration taking shape that is going somewhere I haven't necessarily been before; unfamiliarity means I'm learning more! Creating the artwork for this tutorial gave me a real buzz.

Due to a small obsession with books, I'm lucky enough to own a pretty good library of visual material, and one of my little gems is a horror film poster book. It was while flicking through its contents that I was hit with the idea of creating a poster, and walking you through it for this tutorial. There is a lot to get done to complete this design: drawing, colouring, texturing and setting these elements. So let's get started.

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