Making the most of MetalFX inks

With technology still advancing the print techniques available to designers, art editor Paul Tysall explains how to ensure great results with MetalFX inks.

Design for print has always struck me as a creatively suffocating phrase, but if you fail to prepare your images properly for a special print process, there's little chance of achieving a quality finish.

One such process that requires you to think as a designer and artworker well before tackling the illustration or photography is MetalFX.

MetalFX inks act as a substrate printed inline before the transparent CMYK inks. The really clever thing is that you can define this substrate using a spot channel from any image while retaining gradients and tonal values. This offers more colour, subtlety and control when using metallic ink to elevate your print work. To obtain a copy of ImagineFX issue 32 and see the finished effect, see

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