20 inspirational industrial designers to follow on Behance

From touch-sensitive gloves to underwater waste drones, we reveal the best industrial design portfolios on Behance.

Behance is a great place to find new work and creative inspiration from top industrial designers. But, with so many of them to browse through, it can be difficult to know where to start.

So to make things easy for you, we've done the hard work and picked 20 of the top industrial designers' portfolios that are definitely worth taking a look at.

These designers are busy reinventing the design of products such as furniture, gadgets, cars – even toilets – in the most amazing ways. So take a glimpse into the future of design, as we reveal the industrial designers you should be following...

01. Alberto Vasquez

Vasquez's bamboo-made lighting system is powered by constant prevailing coastal winds and built to be almost completely biodegradable

Hungarian industrial designer Alberto Vasquez has an awesome online portfolio, full of gorgeous designs such as this eco-friendly lighting system. Vasquez says his approach to design is "influenced by the Amazon Indians' way of thinking, always looking for an organic balance in designs both by form and functionality as well."

02. Elie Ahovi

Elie Ahovi designed this marine drone in order to address the problem of plastic waste in the sea

The portfolio of designer Elie Ahovi features some seriously cool projects, like this marine drone, developed to address the problem of plastic waste in the sea. Throughout Ahovi's design process, he "tries to apply an industrial design method based on users in order to have powerful tools to answer the different challenges".

03. Dinard da Mata

Da Mata's MP3 player design incorporates a strap design with touchscreen functionality

How cool is this concept for an MP3 player by Brazilian designer Dinard da Mata? Specialising in branding, interactive and industrial design, Da Mata combines these disciplines to come up with lots of weird, wonderful and futuristic ideas, resulting in a great portfolio. If you like things that are a little bit different or ahead of the times, then you should definitely follow this guy.

04. Zoran Sunjic

Sunjic's project 'Blind' is rgb led handrails that guide the way both visually and physically

Specialising in minimalistic industrial, interior and product design, the portfolio of Zoran Sunjic is definitely worth a look. The Croatian designer favours a simple yet effective approach to his projects, resulting in a gallery of gorgeous images of his products. A stand out example is this LED handrail, designed to guide you through dark spaces both visually and physically.

05. Matthew Pauk

We're loving this design, which is a sofa, coffee table and ottoman all in one piece of furniture

Matthew Pauk has a very impressive online portfolio, which features designs in many areas, including furniture, footwear, packaging and print. But our favourite has got to be this cool 'Slot' furniture piece, which blends together a sofa, coffee table, and ottoman. Saying that, Pauk's cool Tripot teapot design came in a very close second.

06. Pedro Gomes

The future of sound headset systems? Cool concept by designer Pedro Gomes

Designer and creative thinker Pedro Gomes specialises in innovative product design and has worked for worldwide brands, including HTC, Huawei, LG. This On Time sound headset system works as a headset or clock-bracelet and was a winning design at the Designboom and Plantronics competition in 2008. His portfolio is full of incredibly cool designs and concepts.

07. Guercy Eugene

Eugene created this design to reduce the impact on dancers feet during pointe work training

With a special interest in footwear design, Eugene uses function to drive his design in all of his creations.

08. Sonny Lim

Sonny Lim worked on BMW i8 production version speculations based on the test-mule and i8 Spyder concept

Sonny Lim is an ultra-talented industrial designer who has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. His amazing portfolio is full of concepts he's created for companies including Philips, BMW, Sony Ericsson and HP. As a footwear designer at Adidas for six years, Lim also worked on this Predator Pulse Dragon football boot – part of the 2005 David Beckham range.

09. Donn Koh

Koh's Leapfrog Assisted Walker design was honored with the 2007 Braunprize Grand Winner Award, 2008 IF Concept Award and 2007 Red Dot Concept Award

If it's awesome, innovative products you're after then you should definitely check out the portfolio of Donn Koh. Filled with cool gadgets and concepts, Koh has received awards for many of his designs, including this awesome Leapfrog Assisted Walker, which helps with the rehabilitative needs of kids with cerebral palsy.

10. Enrico Zanolla

This 'Screw' design is part of series of wood veneer lamps developed by Zanolla

Enrico Zanolla applies science and art in this beautiful wood veneer lamp concept. The Italian industrial and interior designer has an extensive portfolio, overflowing with inspiring images. With a particular interest in lamp design, Zanolla has many examples here, but the series featured above is our clear favourite.

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