49 InDesign tutorials to level up your skills

Alignment in InDesign CS6

Keep everything aligned with this useful guide

In this InDesign tutorial, Jeff Witchel goes through the alignment features, starting with the basics and moving on to new features like the ability to align selected objects to a key object.

Mastering InDesign preferences

InDesign is not just a tremendously powerful layout package, it's also hugely customisable. Susannah Hall explains how to change the default settings to suit you.

How to format fractions like an expert

This InDesign Tutorial explain several techniques for formatting fractions. It also walks you through a number of possible issues that you might encounter along the way.

Master InDesign's Page tool

In this InDesign tutorial, Neshantheny Kumana demonstrates an easy way to control multiple page sizes within a single document. Using a fake magazine layout as an example, the tutorial walks you through manipulating page size, creating gatefolds and adding a spine.

Work style magic in InDesign

InDesign's styles are one of its most powerful features. In this tutorial, Adobe Creative Suite expert trainer Tony Harmer demonstrates how to harness various style options to speed up your workflow with both text and graphics.

Create clipping paths the easy way

Looking for a less laborious way to to cut around an image in InDesign? In this video tutorial, designer Joe Luxton shows you how.

How to quickly duplicate content in InDesign CS6

Copy and pasting is a useful technique, but it has some shortcomings - which is where InDesign CS6's Content Collector tool comes in. In this five-minute video tutorial Adobe Creative Suite expert trainer Tony Harmer reveals the benefits of this tool.

How to use live captions in InDesign CS5

The Live Captions feature enables you to quickly generate captions using information stored or added to an image's metadata. Find out how to use it effectively in this brilliant InDesign tutorial.

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