10 stellar pieces of design inspired by space

Design featuring cues from space missions, science fiction and the beauty of the cosmos are already proving to be a top 2015 trend.

This week we've mostly been listening to the new Public Service Broadcasting album, The Race for Space, and what with its lovely tunes inspired by the Space Race of the 1950s and '60s, and its fabulous retro cover artwork showing the Soviet Sputnik mission and the 1969 Moon landing, it got us in the mood to seek out more visual treats with a space flavour.

And so we've gathered together 10 impressive pieces of extraterrestrial design, featuring graphical celebrations of space missions, artistic interpretations of space itself, a smart branding project and even a stunning piece of VFX work. Tell us what you think in the comments, and be sure to let us know of any amazing pieces of space-inspired design that we might have missed.

01. Spaceprob.es

We love this new site by Ariel Waldman and Lisa Ballard; Spaceprob.es' gallery of man-made machines sent out into the solar system – and beyond – looks amazing, thanks to its striking silhouettes and responsive design.

And behind each silhouette can be found interesting facts about each space probe's mission, including the latest news about it and some cool links as well. If you're after your own 3D printed model of the New Horizons probe, or if you fancy listening to Voyager's 'Sounds of Earth' golden record, you'll find links here.

02. Dis_Solution

If you've seen Adobe's advert celebrating 25 years of Photoshop, then you're probably familiar with this image. Created by German illustrator Martin Grohs, Dis_Solution's vaguely apocalyptic orbital imagery is one of a number of projects chosen to showcase Photoshop at 25; you can download it in wallpaper form over at Behance, and see an animation of Grohs' process.

03. Take risks. Conquer your fears

Tom Anders Watkins created this colourful piece in just three hours after being invited to take part in a design challenge at an Adobe Creative Jam in November 2014. Given 'Your Creative Muse' as a brief, Watkins came up with an image depicting Felix Baumgartner's epic Space Jump, which for him acts as a reminder to take risks and conquer your fears. You can see an animated version of the project on Behance, and Watkins has also made prints available.

04. Moon

We liked Jack Harvatt's simple, rounded typeface so much that we featured it recently as our Font of the Day. Available in two weights – light and bold – and including extended glyphs, the space-inspired Moon is completely free for personal use; contact Jack if you require an affordable commercial licence.

05. What Space Really Looks Like

If this is what space really looks like for Singapore-based designer Nina Geometrieva, we'll have whatever she's drinking. Here Nina creates a gorgeous neon vision of space; all simple shapes, candy colours and swathed in a lovely warm glow. If you like what you see, it's available as a poster in assorted sizes, and also as a free desktop wallpaper for pretty much all your devices.

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