How to really annoy a graphic designer

The top 10 bugbears of graphic designers are revealed in this amusing infographic.

How to really annoy a graphic designer

Spare graphic designers grief by following this infographic's advice

"Can you make the logo design bigger?" If that sentence clouds your vision with red mist, it's likely that you're a graphic designer who's fed up with hearing inexperienced advice from non-designer folk. It also means this infographic is right up your street.

Created by Print-Print, the amusing graphic collects together 10 of the most annoying habits and questions that are sure to get under the skin of every graphic designer.

So clients, take note – if you drop any of these clangers you're sure to invoke the wrath of your design team. And designers, if this infographic doesn't include your pet hate, be sure to let us know in the comments!

[Via Design Taxi]

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