Reinventing the résumé as an infographic

If you want a job in design these days, Microsoft Word is not enough! Design graduate Zhi Liang stands out from the design crowd with this minimal offering.

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Stand out in an overcrowded job market with a unique résumé

In the design world, it's imperative that your résumé stands out from the crowd. Not only do your competitors have the skills - they know all about design too! These days, a simple A4 sheet listing your experience just won't do; it has to be bold, innovative and eye-catching in its approach.

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So, we couldn't be happier that Singapore-based student Chen Zhi Liang was set a task by his graphic design tutor to do just that. The semester-end assignment was to create an infographic résumé and we think he's come up trumps with this design.

Showcasing the all-important qualifications and skills, the résumé is eye-catching without being overwhelming. Liang's minimal approach is perfect for an overcrowded job market. We'd definitely hire him!

infographic r eacute sum eacute

infographic r eacute sum eacute

infographic r eacute sum eacute

See more of Liang's work over on his Behance page.

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