Giant advent calendar made entirely of Lego

A festive example of oversized Lego sculpture has touched down in London's Covent Garden.

The calendar is made of an astonishing 600,000 Lego bricks

An installation in the shape of a giant Lego advent calendar has been unveiled in central London's Covent Garden shopping area.

The huge sculpture has been built from around 600,000 bricks by Duncan Titchmarsh, the UK's only certified Lego technician. The doors will be opened at 4pm every day, starting on Saturday, with the contents of the final door being unveiled on Christmas Eve.

The doors of the advent calendar will be opened at 4pm each day

Unfortunately the oversized Christmas countdown was unveiled too late to appear in our list of 24 innovative advent calendar designs, but we're sure visitors to this part of London's West End won't mind.

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