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Lego's racing game-style viral animation

Hyundai has launched a viral campaign for its new car, the Veloster Turbo, which mimics a Forza-style car racing video game. Oh, and it's done this with the power of Lego animation.

The yellow Lego Hyundai takes on a boy racer-ish Lego opponent in a high-speed street race featuring wheel-to-wheel action and slow-motion drifting - activity that would be seriously frowned upon by advertising standards if the cars were not Lego...

iPhone competition

The ad is to promote the company's new car plus the Hyundai Asphalt 7 Contest, a competition for iPhone/iPad users which is currently running - the green light was November 19 and the chequered flag will drop on November 25.

Lego landscape replicates Asphalt 7 iPhone/iPad game

Lego landscape replicates Asphalt 7 iPhone/iPad game

Contestants from around the globe will race Hyundai’s Veloster SR Turbo on Gameloft's 'Asphalt 7: Heat' iOS game, and their scores will be automatically uploaded and a winner will be found. That person will win a trip to Hyundai’s factory in Korea plus a visit to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, US, in January 2013.

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