Welcome to Banksy's sinister twist on Disneyland

Grafitti artist Banksy has opened the doors to his grim theme park - the place where absolutely no dreams come true. We report live from Dismaland...

Update - we're in: Why Banksy’s Dismaland is better than you'd ever expected

As we stand in the queue to bring you a full behind-the-scenes from inside Banksy's Dismaland, here's a quick recap of what's happening right now in the not-so-sunny seaside UK town of Weston-Super-Mare.

Anonymous street artist Banksy has started welcoming people to his macabre theme park 'Dismaland'. As to be expected with Banksy, his attraction takes a swipe at pop culture's capitalist controllers, this time with Disney fixed in his crosshairs.

Creative Bloq's Tom May is about to enter Banksy's Dismaland...

The Bristol-based artist set up his 'Bemusement' park in a derelict Tropicano lido in Weston-super-Mare. In a rare moment of sincerity, Banksy revealed that he chose the location because he loved to visit there as a kid.

Dismaland - where absolutely no dreams come true

Pieces by the biggest names in art will be displayed alongside Banksy's original creations. Popular attractions include a burnt out Disney castle and a Jeffrey Archer Fire Memorial Pit.

Open until September 27th, Dismaland hosts an array of nightmare fuel at a bargain entry fee, starting from £3 for children. Stay tuned to Creative Bloq for more updates.

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