Wacom gives sneak peek of groundbreaking new tablet

It's called (we think) the Mobile Dream Tablet and here's a teaser video from Wacom to get you excited about it.

While Apple may consider itself the king of tablets, among digital artists, graphics designers and photographers Wacom's range - specifically designed for digital drawing and painting - takes some beating. So the announcement of a new Wacom tablet is the cause of much excitement at Creative Bloq.

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While this isn't quite a full announcement, Wacom has released a teaser video of what it calls 'The Next Big Thing', which suggests that the upcoming tablet should contain some groundbreaking features. The video's low on detail - it doesn't even give the device a name, although one eagle-eyed blog spotted a reference to "our new Mobile Dream Tablet" near the bottom of this Wacom Kickstarter promotion. So we're guessing that's what it's probably called.

Other than that, we can tell you that it's definitely going to be launched on August 20, and that the way the Kickstarter promotion is organised suggests the new tablet will be a high-end, high-priced device.

That's it for now, though: we'll let you know the moment we learn more...

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