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11 ways to transform architectural visualisation renders in Photoshop

Architectural visualisation is a fast-growing industry. Just by looking at sites such as, it’s clear there are many companies and individuals offering their services. As with all industries, there are some excellent companies out there, producing outstanding visualisations; but there’s an even greater amount of mediocre work doing the rounds.

Uniform produced the image above for Westfield’s landmark Stratford City development in London. They’d previously had lots of visuals produced for other developments and went to Uniform with high expectations.

Using this image as an example, here are 11 tips that you can start using today to improve your images and avoid making common mistakes. Each tip is quick and easy, and the ideas should be transferable to any chosen software package. They cover broad tips aimed at speeding up workflow and efficiency, down to subtle tricks to improve the realism of your images.