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Star Wars Episode VII toys revealed

Star Wars Episode VII toys revealed

When the new Star Wars VII movie trailer came out on 20 November, the new generation of fantasy and sci-fi minds were confronted with a raft of important questions.

What was that guy from Attack the Block doing at the beginning of the trailer? Was the new Storm Trooper helmet design any good? And what the hell is that new lightsaber about?!

An army of 3D print designers immediately went about finding answers to these questions (well, not so much to the Attack the Block one), creating some cool free 3D printing models in the process.

Star Wars Episode VII toys revealed

Lilykill designed this ball droid immediately after seeing the trailer

Designers behind LeFabShop weren't put off by the lack of detail of the trailer's crossguard lightsaber, getting round the problem by creating a totally customisable model.

Star Wars Episode VII toys revealed

Go Yoda light stick or new broadsaber? Do them both with this customisable, modular 3D print set

With a "dozen 3D printable lightsabers being already available for download on internet, we decided to make one that would be completely customisable," the designers say on their Makerbot page. "The modular system we invented makes hundreds of configurations possible. From Yoda's lightsaber to Darth Maul's."

3D print downloads include the ball droid, the new broadsaber, and the new Storm Trooper helmet.

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