5 tips for getting a job in the CG industry

Join Atlas of CG's free online workshop on 29 August

Join Atlas of CG's free online workshop on 29 August

Atlas of CG is a new mentoring organisation for CG artists. Organised by a group of experienced artists, Atlas of CG aims to "help them overcome the difficulties they are facing in this industry like finding a job, keeping a job, improving their skills and so on".

The group is planning its first free online event, How to find your path in CG industry, on 29th of August. Sign up for the workshop here.

In the meantime, artists involved in Atlas of CG offer some of their tips on how to carve out a successful career in the industry...

01. You can switch specialilities later

Mariano Steiner

Mariano Steiner

It might look hard. When you are stepping in the CG world for the first time, it could be confusing. You might get cold feet: not knowing what to choose, where to go, how to start, or what tools to use.

My advice? Make a choice and take a stab at it. As your career progresses, you might realise that you should have made the other choice – but there's nothing wrong with that. Switching specialties is nothing uncommon nowadays.

Mariano Steiner has been working in the CG industry since 2008. He is part of the Pixologic's Zbrush Beta tester team and a Zbrush instructor at ICS school of art. He recently joined Rockstar Toronto as a character artist.

02. Seek out criticism

Hasan Bajramovic

Hasan Bajramovic

You need to push yourself. Don't get discouraged by the amount of talent that is out there but get inspired instead.

Have an idea, gather references, create, then start again but next time create something more challenging. Also don't be afraid to ask for critique or advice if you don't know something. That's the only way you can evolve and learn.

Hasan Bajramovic is a 3D character artist with a strong technical background and an eye for detail. Currently working as an independent contractor for Blur Studios, he specializes in high detail character modeling/sculpting, texturing and shading for video game cinematics and commercials.

03. Obstacles are there to challenge you

Patrik Karlsson

Patrik Karlsson

Don't get discouraged by obstacles in your way. Overcoming them will make you not only a better artist, but also a better person. Try to set goals for where you want to be in the future, and plan your path there.

If you refuse to settle for anything less than your best, you will be amazed by what you can accomplish in your life. Stay focused. Get lots of feedback and have an open mind. Make sure to have a healthy balance in your life.

Patrik Karlsson started in the industry around 13 years ago as an animator, but eventually realized that his passion was in modeling and character art. For the last three years, he's been working at BioWare on titles like Dragon Age Inquisition and Mass Effect Andromeda.

04. Keep redoing your work

Siamak Roshani

Siamak Roshani

You have to be honest with yourself. You are the only person who knows your weaknesses and strengths. You, out of everyone, can provide the best critique of yourself.

Work on your project, sit back and look it over. If you feel it's not good enough or not there yet, then trust your judgement and edit it over and over, till it oversatisfies you. Don't be disappointed even if you have to redo half or more of your work again and again. Share your work with your people and ask them about their honest opinion. Be open to ideas and be creative. Aim for the sky to hit the tree top.

Character artist Siamak Roshani has 13 years' experience in CG. His work has been published in top art books including Master award of Expose 11 and Excellency award of Digital art masters 8, and he has worked with well famous companies including Ubisoft, Plastic Wax and Realtime UK.

05. Get in the right mood

Bruno Camara

Bruno Camara

There will be days or moments when you're not in the mood or just want to sleep or watch videos.
As a CG artist, you need to develop the skill of doing what you have to do without being in the mood for it.

START doing it no matter your feelings are in that moment. You will realize that once you’ve started it your mood will change. Try it, it really works. In fact, it works for anything you want to achieve – be it a great piece in your portfolio, study, work or to get in shape.

Bruno Camara has been working in the CG industry for 10 years and has provided services for companies like Blur, Riot, Plastic Wax and Crytek.

Learn more about Atlas of CG on their Facebook page.

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